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Bar Blog


Gary Shafner

Walking into SWEET HOLLYWOOD the day I designed my bar, I was walking on a dream.  I had my sister Jessica there as special assistant, and while she and I mused over all of the delicious flavors on the chalkboard wall, Jonathan checked his watch with a polite expression that read, “how long is this diva going to take to make up his mind?!”  There was so much to chose from!  Jessica and I agreed that the most delicious bar in the world would have milk chocolate, pistachios, sea salt, and caramel filling, but where was the theater in that!?!  I wanted my bar to taste like biting into a rainbow, listening to ABBA, all the while riding a miniature unicorn named “sugar pie."  With that in mind, I frantically circled the most eye-grabbing ingredients on the content card: milk chocolate, pop rocks, rainbow sprinkles, and marshmallow filling.  We headed into the chocolate lab, our eyes ablaze like mad scientists, and created our destiny.  One small tear slid down my cheek.  I had done it.  The most glamorous chocolate bar in the world.


An hour later, Jonathan picked up his phone.  It was me.  “Can I change my mind,” I asked?  “Go with the milk chocolate, pistachios, sea salt, and caramel.  That exploding marshmallow sugar rainbow was a disaster.” 


Thus was born the LIVE LIKE A LEGEND bar.

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SunKissed Kidd Bar

Gary Shafner

My name is Jenny Kidd and my SunKissed Kidd bar is one of my favorite things! I feel a little crazy going into the store to buy my own bar all the time but whatever! LOL The ingredients I chose are:  milk chocolate, caramel and Heath Toffee bits! I like simple. I could have gone all out with 12 other ingredients but then I feel like you don't get to taste everything individually, ya know? That's just me! Anyway, I predict I'll continue to spend my money on my own bar cause it makes me smile! And at the end of the day, we're nothing without a smile and a SunKissed Kidd! Enjoy! :)

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Todd McCool

Gary Shafner

  Are you discovering new things every single day?  Are you taking risks?  Are you seeking out the joy and wisdom in every experience?  If not, let me welcome you into this way of life in an unexpected way. 
  When I was a child I wanted to be a chef, I was especially taken by the way food could make people smile and remember to enjoy life.  As I concocted various dishes, my grandmother was by my side every step of the way (even in the original creations of the very chocolate bar you're about to taste) , she had herself been a delicacy chef in the West Andes Mountains and in Manhattan.  She a woman who had lived a thousand lifetimes, she always had something seemingly magical to add to any conversation (and recipe).  We often threw lavish parties and she would generously cater the sweets.  She was truly alive and radiant and in her element on these memorable nights.  She taught me to always strive to be the same.  She was around a lot later in her life as my parents cared for her when she got sick. 
  She was a warm and funny woman, and full of nicknames and sayings that were commonplace to her but always 'foreign' if not downright hilarious to us, for instance , she called me "kitten", and whenever my father would shave , she would say, "My darling, remember to wipe up your beard poop!" referring to the hairs left behind on the sink - I'm not sure if she ever knew how much it made us laugh.  You couldn't help but love her.  I'll never forget our last conversation, she said "Kitten  , follow your dreams and remember that life is a party".  I knew what I had to do.  


The ingredients and the name from the beard poop kitten party bar are akin to my tastebuds and my very soul and an homage to the woman that made it all possible.  



If you want more detailed info....

I love to party, I love to be sweet, I like a little bite, and I like some half baked goodness.  This is why you'll find cookie dough , chocolate , fruity pebbles, Oreo , and almonds all in the same concoction.  I know it sounds insane:   It's never been done.  But you're not one to settle for ordinary.  Life is about discovery and enjoyment.  It's a short ride we have here on earth together and we've got to celebrate every moment.  You've got overachievers, you've got slackers, you've got lovers and you've haters. This is a treat for them all.  Join the party! 

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