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Dan Franklin

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Dan Franklin

Gary Shafner

I’m a spicy guy – I can’t do boring. When I was asked to come up with a personalized chocolate bar, I put a lot of thought into it. I remembered a coffee drink I co-created called the Phoenix and decided to put it in a bar. Coffee works with chocolate. Chocolate works with cinnamon, and cinnamon obviously works with chili powder! With such an intense flavor combination, I wanted a symbol to go along with it and decided to use the dragon. I want the fans to go on a dragon slaying adventure with every bite! I’m completely thrilled to have a candy bar named after me – it’s a childhood dream come true. Now sharpen your sword and grab your fire extinguisher – We’ve got dragons to slay! 
Click this link to order Dan Franklin's Dragon Slayer Bar:
Dan Franklin Dragon Slayer