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6801 Hollywood Boulevard, Ste 201
Los Angeles, CA, 90028



Hiatus is a cover band made up of 27 extremely talented singers and musicians. The band came together because of a wonderful show at Disney California Adventure. After being put on hiatus from that show, the band decided that they needed to continue to play music together and Hiatus was born. Not only is Hiatus a cover band, but several members have released original music as well! Several of the band members have created delicious chocolate bars with SWEET! 

Mad T-Nut Butterworth Bar


Mad T-Nut Butterworth Bar


Purchase the Mad T-Nut Butterworth Bar designed by Tim Butterworth! It's a ¼ lb dark chocolate bar with peanut butter, toffee & peanut butter cups! Custom made in our Chocolate Lab®, and packaged in our exclusively designed colorful collectors box. Make sure to check out the rest of the band member bars!


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